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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date Accession Number
Bronze Coin     Bronze    2009.13.2 
Wisdom   Simon, I.P.   Engraving  1799  2005.3.120 
Bronze Coin     Bronze    2009.13.3 
Classical or Hellenistic Drachma of Eretria     Silver  ca. 357 BCE-267 BCE  C.1866 
Hellenistic Bronze Coin of Thespiae     Bronze  ca. 146 BCE-27 BCE  C.1865 
Classical Drachm of Thebes     Silver  ca. 480 BCE-456 BCE  C.1864 
Classical Bronze Coin of Thebes     Bronze  ca. 379 BCE-371 BCE  C.1863 
Classical Hemidrachm of Thebes     Silver  ca. 379 BCE - 371 BCE  C.1862 
Classical Obol of Tanagra     Silver  ca. 375 BCE  C.1861 
Classical Obol of Orchomenos     Silver  510 BCE-480 BCE  C.1860 
Classical Obol of Phocis     Silver  ca. 460 BCE-430 BCE  C.1859 
Classical Hemidrachm of Opuntian Locris     Silver  ca. 369 BCE-338 BCE  C.1858 
Hellenistic Bronze Coin of Arados     Bronze  2nd century BCE -1st century BCE  C.1857 
Hellenistic Bronze Coin Issued by the Thessalian League     Bronze  196 BCE-146 BCE  C.1856 
Hellenistic Bronze Coin Issued by the Thessalian League     Bronze  196 BCE-146 BCE  C.1855 
Celtic Imitation of Bronze Coin of Macedonia     Bronze  3rd century BCE - 2nd century BCE  C.1854 
Hellenistic Bronze Coin Issued by Kassander     Bronze  319 BCE-297 BCE  C.1853 
Classical Hemidrachm of Neapolis     Silver  438 BCE - 411 BCE  C.1852 
Classical Bronze Coin of Mende     Bronze  Before 358 BCE  C.1851 
Hellenistic Stater of Anactorium       325 BCE - 300 BCE  C.1902 
Coin     Metal    C.1901 
Coin     Metal    C.1900 
Coin of Abdera     Metal    C.1899 
Monarchic or Classical Silver Coin of Sybaris Issued by Augustus       c. 550 BCE - 510 BCE  C.1898 
Classical Stater of Corinth       5th century BCE  C.1897 
Showing 1 to 25 of 391 Records

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