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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date Accession Number
Model of a Hunter in a Kayak     Wood    2006.4.14 
Old Woman with an Ulu     Soapstone and ivory    2006.4.19 
Old Man with a Walking Stick     Soapstone and wood    2006.4.18 
Tupilaq Monster   Kilime, Johan   Ivory  ca. 1979  2006.4.15 
Seal Doll     Fur, leather, and beads    2006.4.20 
Female Doll     Textile, leather, fur, and beads    2006.4.29 
Female Doll   unknown Yupik   Textile, leather, and fur    2006.4.28 
Halibut Hook     Wood and plant material  Early 20th century - mid 20th century  69.E3.6 
Basket   unknown Salish   Coiled basketry with imbrication    95.1.277 
Basket   unknown Salish   Woven basketry  1890s  95.1.274 
Basket   unknown Lillooet   Woven basketry    95.1.268 
Bow and Three Arrows   Charley, Temos or Tenas or Tenos   Wood and organic material    95.1.48 
Doll with Boots   Matrona   Wood with animal fur and gut  ca. 1933  96.1.11 
Mittens     Leather and fur    72.1.34 
Birnik Toggle Harpoon Head     Bone    65.2.1 
Model Sealing Harpoon   Wainwright   Wood, ivory, and baleen  ca. 1950  65.E2.9 
Model Sealing Harpoon   unknown Inupiaq   Wood, ivory, and sinew  ca. 1950  65.E2.8 
Model Kayak   unknown Arctic   Wood, hide, and sinew  Mid 20th century  65.E2.7 
Harpoon Head     Antler     65.E2.6 
Ground Squirrel Snare   McKinley, Elona   Wood  ca. 1960  60.E1.15 
Basket   Titus, Jessie   Birch bark with yarn and cloth    60.E1.14 
Fish Trap Model   Sinyone, Jimmy   Wood    60.E1.13 
Basket   Moses, Annie   Birch bark with felt    60.E1.12 
Girl's Boots   unknown Greenlandic   Sealskin with embroidery  ca. 1929  65.E2.4 
Day Count   Jackson, Tony   Wood  ca. 1960  60.E1.9 
Bull-Roarer   Charley, Temos or Tenas or Tenos   Wood  ca. 1960  60.E1.5 
Umiak (Open Skin Boat) Model   Sanford, Howard   Wood and seal or caribou intestine    60.E1.4 
Bull-Roarer     Wood    60.E1.3 
Drumstick   Bill Joe of Chistochina   Wood with brass    60.E1.2.b 
Drum   Bill Joe of Chistochina   Wood and tanned hide with paint and ink  Mid 20th century  60.E1.2.a 
Fish Club     Wood  Early 20th century - mid 20th century  56.E1.1 
Gambling Sticks with a Carved Head of a Wolf (gute)   Reed, Jack   Wood  1952  54.E1.7 
Chair Dice   Reed, Jack   Wood  1952  54.E1.3 
Model of a Split-Prow Sea Otter Hunting Canoe   Howard, William   Wood and fur  1949  54.E1.1 
Ulu (Knife)     Metal and antler  20th century  2013.17.2 
Ulu (Knife)     Metal, ivory, and paint  ca. 1970 - 1979  2013.17.3 
Ulu (Knife)     Metal with sperm whale tooth and leather  20th century  2013.17.4 
Key Ring     Birch, skin and porcupine quills  20th century  2013.17.5 
Miniature Athapaskan Trail-Breaking Showshoes     Wood and sinew  ca. 1932  2013.17.6.a-b 
Miniature Beavertail Snowshoes     Wood and sinew  1958  2013.17.7.a-b 
Purse     Moose skin and beads    2013.17.8 
Miniature Athapaskan Running Snowshoe     Wood and sinew  20th century  2013.17.1 
Hunter and Seal   Kan, Allie   Soapstone  20th century  2013.17.9 
Child's Bootees     Skin, fur, and beads  1960  2013.17.10.a-b 
Purse   unknown Ahtena   Skin with beads and metal  20th century  2013.17.11 
Male Doll   John, Ruth   Felt, skin, fur, fiber, and beads  1958  2013.17.12 
Child's Bootees   Riedil, Monica   Seal skin and sea-otter trim  20th century  2013.17.13.a-b 
Bootees     Skin, rabbit fur, and beads  20th century  2013.17.14.a-b 
Cradle and Doll with Swing Cord and Umbilical Amulet Holder     Birch bark, felt, cloth, beads, and thread  1960  2013.17.15.a-b 
Killer Whale Gaff Hook   Bremner, Harry K.   Wood with paint and metal  1954  2013.17.16 
Showing 1 to 50 of 50 Records

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