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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date Accession Number
Hellenistic Stater of Anactorium       325 BCE - 300 BCE  C.1902 
Monarchic or Classical Silver Coin of Sybaris Issued by Augustus       c. 550 BCE - 510 BCE  C.1898 
Classical Stater of Corinth       5th century BCE  C.1897 
Bronze Coin         C.1896 
Hellenistic Tetradrachm of Alexandria Issued by Ptolemy I Soter       330 BCE - 270 BCE  C.1894 
Parthian Drachm Issued by Gotarzes       30 BCE - 70 CE  C.1893 
Hellenistic Drachm of Rhodes       Early 2nd Century BCE  C.1892 
Hellenistic Drachm of Chios Issued by Derkulos (?)       190 BCE - 84 BCE  C.1891 
Silver Coin of Chios (?)         C.1890 
Classical Drachm of Chios (?)       500 BCE - 475 BCE (?)  C.1889 
Hellenistic Hemidrachm of Miletus Issued by Proienos (?)       330 BCE - 200 BCE  C.1888 
Classical Drachm of Miletus       525 BCE - 500 BCE  C.1887 
Classical or Hellenistic Half Siglos of Myrtilene         C.1886 
Classical or Hellenistic Hemidrachm of Hermione         C.1885 
Hemidrachm (?) of Argos         C.1884 
Classical Hemidrachm of Argos       470 BCE - 430 BCE  C.1883 
Hellenistic Stater of Elis       275 BCE - 250 BCE  C.1882 
Hellenistic Hemidrachm of Sicyon       325 BCE - 300 BCE  C.1881 
Hellenistic Hemidrachm of Sicyon       325 BCE - 300 BCE (?)  C.1880 
Classical Obol or Trihemiobol of Phlius Issued by Pisistratus       400 BCE - 350 BCE  C.1879 
Classical-Hellenistic Drachm of Corinth       350 BCE - 300 BCE  C.1878 
Classical-Hellenistic Drachm of Corinth       350 BCE - 300 BCE  C.1877 
Classical-Hellenistic Diobol of Corinth       350 BCE - 300 BCE  C.1876 
Silver Coin         C.1875 
Classical Stater of Corinth       600 BCE - 530 BCE  C.1874 
Hellenistic or Republican Coin       ca. 200 BCE-83 BCE  C.1872 
Modern Games Arcade Token of Italy       ca. 1987  C.1797 
Modern Coin         C.1792 
Modern 20 Lepta Piece of Greece       1912  C.1788 
Modern 5 Lepta Piece of Greece       1912  C.1783 
Modern 20 Centesimi Piece of Rome       1913  C.1782 
Classical - Hellenistic Bronze Coin of Pella Issued by Alexander the Great       350 BCE - 325 BCE  C.1728 
Silver Coin         C.1689 
Bronze Coin         C.1576 
Bronze Coin         C.1575 
Bronze Coin         C.1574 
Modern Thirty Drachma Piece       ca. 1963  C.1911 
Classical Stater of Thurium       450 BCE - 400 BCE  C.1909 
Classical (?) Diobol of Velia         C.1908 
Silver Coin         C.1907 
Silver Coin         C.1906 
Classical-Hellenistic Stater of Corinth       350 BCE - 300 BCE  C.1904 
Owl   Hood       2011.43.19 
Modern 10 Lepta Piece     Aluminium  1912  C.1787 
Bronze Coin     Bronze    2009.13.2 
Bronze Coin     Bronze    2009.13.3 
Hellenistic Bronze Coin of Thespiae     Bronze  ca. 146 BCE-27 BCE  C.1865 
Classical Bronze Coin of Thebes     Bronze  ca. 379 BCE-371 BCE  C.1863 
Hellenistic Bronze Coin of Arados     Bronze  2nd century BCE -1st century BCE  C.1857 
Hellenistic Bronze Coin Issued by the Thessalian League     Bronze  196 BCE-146 BCE  C.1856 
Showing 1 to 50 of 391 Records

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