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This page highlights portfolios of objects that have been created by users. In some cases, the portfolio creator may have attached a note about why they chose to group a particular set of objects. In all cases, these are the galleries that they specifically chose to share with you.

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ARCH_Plague's Mass Grave Comparanda
7 record(s)
created by: Carrie Robbins
Burial Offerings during Plague //

More than 2000 years ago a Typhoid plague gripped the Greek city of Athens in the midst of the 30-year Peloponnesian War. Nearly a third of Athens' population succumbed to the disease. A mass grave was discovered beneath the Kerameikos cemetery in 1994, containing at least 150 bodies buried contrary to tradition in haphazard piles with few burial offerings. The few vases found there date roughly to 430 B.C., coinciding with Thucydides' report of a plague in the city. Similar vases can be found in Bryn Mawr's collection and can be used to illustrate this history.

A summary article is available here:
ARCHB301:Greek Vase Painting: Adaptive Reuse
8 record(s)
created by: Marianne Weldon
Special Collections_COVID-19
57 record(s)
created by: Carrie Robbins
This portfolio of Tri-Co artworks and cultural artifacts is intended to support courses interested in a visual culture of disease as historical context for COVID-19. Each of the included objects was selected according to its subject matter or function in relation to themes of health, sickness, disease, and protection.