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Jane Martin

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Jane Martin
Jane Martin (1931-2020) graduated from Bryn Mawr College with two degrees in History, an A.B. in 1953 and an M.A. in 1958. She then earned a Ph.D. in African History from Boston University in 1968, focusing her research on the Glebo people of Eastern Liberia. She taught African History at the University of Calabar in Nigeria and the University of Liberia in the 1970s. In 1984, she returned to Liberia to work as the Executive Director of the United States Educational and Cultural Foundation in Liberia (USECF/L), a position she held until 1989. After her retirement in 1997, she continued her work promoting binationalism between the United States and Liberia. While she worked and traveled in Africa, she collected a wide variety of art and cultural objects, most of which were donated to the College. The Jane Martin Collection in the Art & Artifacts Collections consists of 138 objects, ranging from masks, Ashanti goldweights, baby carriers, and toys made from recycled flip-flops. Jane’s donation marked an opportunity for a significant joint acquisition across Art & Artifacts and the College Archives. The Jane Martin Papers include her field
notes, archival research, photographs, sound recordings, lesson plans, timesheets, artist biographies, handwritten catalogue cards, and personal and professional correspondences. The Jane Martin Papers provide a rich history of her academic and humanitarian work, while adding context for some of the objects in her collection.

Objects donated by Jane Martin

Comb 2016.14.64

Comb 2016.14.66

Comb 2016.14.68

Comb 2016.14.69

Akan Comb 2016.14.62

Akan Comb 2016.14.63

Akan Comb 2016.14.65

Akan Comb 2016.14.67

Akan Comb 2016.14.70

Amulet Vessel 2016.14.101

Amulet Vessel 2016.14.150

Amulet Vessel 2016.14.151

Awale (Sowing Game) 2016.14.147-2016.14.148

Baby Carrier 2016.14.107

Baby Carrier 2016.14.108

Bead 2016.14.113

Bowl 2016.14.79

Brass Bell 2016.14.129

Brass Bowl 2016.14.127

Brass Cup 2016.14.109

Brass Ring 2016.14.130

Coins 2016.14.110

Doll 2016.14.48

Doll 2016.14.49

Figure 2016.14.140

Flute/Whistle 2016.14.103

Gold Weight 2016.14.123

Gourd Rattle 2016.14.85

Hairpin 2016.14.72

Horn 2016.14.97

Ironsmith 2016.14.45

Kente Cloth 2016.14.57

Kente Cloth 2016.14.58

Kente Cloth 2016.14.93

Kissi Pennies 2016.14.111.a-w

Loma Gourd Rattle 2016.14.105.a-b

Pipe 2016.14.104

Sewing Scene 2016.14.47

Squared Bell 2016.14.118.a-b

The Butcher 2016.14.44

The Drummer 2016.14.46

Toy Airplane 2016.14.37

Toy Bicycle 2016.14.52

Toy Bus 2016.14.32

Toy Bus 2016.14.43

Toy Car 2016.14.26

Toy Elephant 2016.14.54

Toy Tank 2016.14.29

Toy Tank 2016.14.39

Toy Tricycle 2016.14.53

Toy Truck 2016.14.28

Toy Truck 2016.14.31

Toy Truck 2016.14.50

Toy Vehicle 2016.14.30

Toy Vehicle 2016.14.35

Tuareg Bowl 2016.14.87

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