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Hetty Goldman

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Hetty Goldman
Hetty Goldman (1881–1972) of the Goldman-Sachs family, graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 1903 with a double major in Classics and English. She went on to study archaeology at Radcliffe College, becoming the first woman to win the Eliot Norton Fellowship to study at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens in 1910–11 and earning her PhD in 1916.

Goldman’s important archaeological work at Tarsus, an excavation supported by Bryn Mawr College from its initial exploratory campaign of 1934 until it closed in 1949, is reflected in the College’s Art & Artifacts collection. Holdings include amphorae, pottery fragments, and sherds Goldman excavated in Tarsus, as well as Goldman’s files related to this project (see Machteld J. Mellink papers).

The Tarsus Project’s most celebrated contributions to the field of archaeology are the Neolithic and Mycenaean artifacts found there, but the site was occupied until the Islamic era and beyond. Goldman’s gift to Bryn Mawr thus consists of artifacts ranging from the Archaic to the Roman Imperial eras of Tarsus. She also donated watercolor illustrations that Piet de Jong made of various artifacts discovered at Tarsus; Goldman is among the archaeological figures de Jong famously caricatured (Knossos Trust archive).

Goldman’s three-volume publication on her excavations at Tarsus remains indispensable for archaeologists trying to link the Euphrates Basin with Anatolia. In 1936, she became the first woman appointed to the Institute for Advanced Study, a position she held until her retirement in 1947. In 1966, she became the second recipient of the Archaeological Institute of America’s highest award, the Gold Medal for Distinguished Archaeological Achievement.


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Objects donated by Hetty Goldman

Base Sherd 2009.14.891

Base Sherd 2009.14.1065

Base Sherd 2009.14.970

Base Sherd 2009.14.1437

Base Sherd 2009.14.1453

Bead 2009.14.921

Bedspread 2005.19.26

Belt Buckle 2005.19.36.a-b

Bichrome Sherd 2009.14.1116

Body Sherd 2009.14.923

Body Sherd 2009.14.953

Body Sherd 2009.14.944

Body Sherd 2009.14.931

Body Sherd 2009.14.913

Body Sherd 2009.14.1304

Body Sherd 2009.14.1316

Body Sherd 2009.14.1337

Body Sherd 2009.14.1370

Body Sherd 2009.14.1389

Body Sherd 2009.14.1396

Body Sherd 2009.14.1397

Body Sherd 2009.14.1415

Body Sherd 2009.14.1416

Body Sherd 2009.14.1468

Body Sherd 2009.14.1472

Body Sherd 2009.14.1479

Body Sherd 2009.14.915

Bowl P.271

Bowl Rim Sherd 2009.14.1262

Bowl Rim Sherd 2009.14.1263

Buff Body Sherd 2009.14.1424

Buff Rim Sherd 2009.14.1276

Buff Rim Sherd 2009.14.1302

Buff Rim Sherd 2009.14.1469

Buffware Sherd 2009.14.1463

Burnt Rim Sherd 2009.14.1336

Cap Sherd 2009.14.1120

Cap Sherd 2009.14.905

Cover Sherd 2009.14.911

Cuffs 2005.19.1.a-b