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Dorothy S. Jayne

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Dorothy S. Jayne

Objects donated by Dorothy S. Jayne

A. K. 1983.1.145.b

A. K. 1983.1.145.a

August 1923 1983.1.217.e

Avon Old Farms 1983.1.161.b

Avon Old Farms 1983.1.161.a

Bessie Jayne 1983.1.146

Bruce Rogers 1983.1.119

Burin 1983.1.232.a

Burin 1983.1.232.b

Burin 1983.1.232.c

December 1923 1983.1.217.h

Deer 1983.1.207.a

Deer 1983.1.207.b

Deer in Snow 1983.1.90.b

Deer in Snow 1983.1.90.a

Drypoint Needle 1983.1.232.e

Drypoint Needle 1983.1.232.f

Drypoint Needle 1983.1.232.g

Drypoint Needle 1983.1.232.h

Drypoint Needle 1983.1.232.i

Fir Tree 1983.1.210

Gouge 1983.1.232.d

Huck Finn 1983.1.34.b

Huck Finn 1983.1.34.a

Indian with Bow 1983.1.164.h

January 1923 1983.1.217.a

June 1923 1983.1.217.d

Kneeling Nun 1983.1.39.v

Launching 1983.1.19

Mabel Jayne 1983.1.155.j

Man in Field 1983.1.164.e

March 1923 1983.1.217.c

Marionette Show 1983.1.168.b

Millstone Print 1983.1.177.a

Minstrels 1983.1.214.a

Minstrels 1983.1.214.b

Monkey 1983.1.57

Moses 1983.1.18

Mother Oak 1983.1.77

Mouse 1983.1.39.u

Mr. Diogenes 1983.1.160

November 1923 1983.1.217.g

O. M. R. 1983.1.147

Paul Bunyan 1983.1.165.b

Paul Bunyan 1983.1.165.a

Pruning Hands 1983.1.173.a

Pruning Hands 1983.1.173.b

R. L. 1983.1.140

Rabbit 1983.1.183

Sailboat 1983.1.221

Sailboat 1983.1.171

Sand Yard 1983.1.28

September 1923 1983.1.217.f

Sick Man 1983.1.20

Sleeping Dog 1983.1.181

Spring 1983.1.72

Spring 1983.1.41.e

Spring 1983.1.41.d

Spring 1983.1.41.c

Spring 1983.1.41.a

Spring 1983.1.41.b

Spring 1983.1.41.f

Still Life 1983.1.189

The Archer 1983.1.69.b

The Archer 1983.1.69.a

The Barnraising 1983.1.169.b

The Barnraising 1983.1.169.a

The Bow 2004.6.10

The Circus 1983.1.168.m

The Dew Drop 1983.1.186

The Gate 1983.1.198

The Load 1983.1.3

The Rocks 1983.1.195

Travelers 1983.1.39.t

Unititled 2004.6.9

Untitled 2004.6.8

Untitled 2004.6.7

Untitled 2004.6.6

Untitled 2004.6.3

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