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Theodora Stillwell MacKay

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Theodora Stillwell MacKay

Objects donated by Theodora Stillwell MacKay

Handle P.2739

Head S.147

Jug P.2941

Saucer P.2934

Sherd P.2705

Sherd P.2911

Sherd P.2933

Sherd P.2774

Sherd P.2749

Sherd P.2940

Sherd P.2766

Sherd P.2777

Sherd P.2737

Sherd P.2763

Sherd P.2785

Sherd P.2735

Sherd P.2930

Sherd P.2927

Sherd P.2724

Sherd P.2764

Sherd P.2732

Sherd P.2789

Sherd P.2752

Sherd P.2765

Sherd P.2786

Sherd P.2767

Sherd P.2778

Sherd P.2784

Sherd P.2747

Sherd P.2758

Sherd P.2768

Sherd P.2723

Sherd P.2757

Sherd P.2776

Sherd P.2780

Sherd P.2744

Sherd P.2738

Sherd P.2798

Sherd P.2712

Sherd P.2866

Sherd P.2874

Sherd P.2726

Sherd P.2803

Sherd P.2868

Sherd P.2804

Sherd P.2788

Sherd P.2781

Sherd P.2779

Sherd P.2822

Sherd P.2870

Sherd P.2968

Sherd P.2806

Sherd P.2895

Sherd P.2862

Sherd P.2867

Sherd P.2943

Sherd P.2932

Sherd P.2931

Sherd P.3017

Sherd P.2876

Sherd P.2872

Sherd P.2827

Sherd P.2734

Sherd P.2759

Sherd P.2807

Sherd P.2929

Sherd P.2835

Sherd P.2841

Sherd P.2873

Sherd P.2746

Waster P.2966

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