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Milton C. Nahm

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Milton C. Nahm

Objects donated by Milton C. Nahm

Basket 91.E1.24

Basket 91.E1.23

Basket 91.E1.21

Basket 91.E1.20

Blade 91.1.17

Blade 91.1.16

Bowl 91.E1.34

Bowl 91.E1.16

Bowl 91.E1.12

Bowl 91.E1.11

Bowl 91.E1.10

Bowl 91.E1.9

Bowl 91.E1.8

Bowl 91.E1.7

Bowl 91.E1.1

Box 91.E1.13

Canteen 91.E1.5

Chip 91.1.15

Chip 91.1.14

Dish 91.E1.41

Dish, serving 2000.7.58.a-f

Drum 91.E1.26

Drumstick 91.E1.31

Jar 91.E1.19

Jar 91.E1.3

Pitcher 91.1.18

Quirt 91.E1.32

Rattle 91.E1.37

Rattle 91.E1.36

Ring 2022.10.2

Sherd 91.1.13

Sherd 91.1.12

Sherd 91.1.11

Sherd 91.1.10

Sherd 91.1.9

Sherd 91.1.8

Sherd 91.1.7

Sherd 91.1.6

Sherd 91.1.5

Sherd 91.1.4

Sherd 91.1.3

Sherd 91.1.2

Sherd 91.1.1

Untitled 2010.7.7

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