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M. Carey Thomas

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M. Carey Thomas

Objects donated by M. Carey Thomas


Aeschylus 2015.4.22

Aqueduct 2009.23.131

Armchair Deanery.360

Armchair Deanery.356

Armchair Deanery.355

Armchair Deanery.361

Armchair Deanery.328

Armchair Deanery.43.a

Basket 95.1.71

Basket 95.1.70

Basket 95.1.69

Basket 95.1.68

Basket 95.1.259

Basket 64.8.3

Blanket 95.1.51

Blind Arch 2009.23.156

Bowl Deanery.144

Bowl Deanery.122

Bowl Deanery.145

Bowl Deanery.76

Bowl W.883.1

Bowl W.883.2

Buddha 2007.3.16

Celanova 2009.23.102

Celanova 2009.23.103

Celanova 2009.23.104

Chest Deanery.303

Chest Deanery.302

Chest Deanery.301

Cityscape 2009.23.137

Courtyard 2009.23.129

Cuenca 2009.23.57

Cuenca 2009.23.59

Cup Deanery.112

Dishes 2013.4.16.a-d

Dishes 2013.4.17.a-d

Drum W.727

Endymion 2011.4.19

Eski Hamam 2010.30.426

Figurine Deanery.155

Fishing Boat Deanery.217

Gateway 2009.23.134

Glass Globe Deanery.585.2

Glass Globe Deanery.585.1

Hanging Seat Deanery.363

Hassock Deanery.467

Head S.189

Incense Burner 2007.3.5.a-b

Inlaid Chair Deanery.305

Inlaid Chair Deanery.304

Interior 2009.20.42

Interior 2009.23.81

Lagoon: Noon Deanery.220

Lincoln Deanery.124

Lion 2007.3.12.b

Lion 2007.3.12.a

Little Court Deanery.218

Luggage Rack Deanery.954

Maloja 2009.23.100

Maloja 2009.23.99

Marine Scene Deanery.243

Mirror Deanery.990

Mortar 95.1.334

Mosque Mihrab 2010.30.413

Oak Armchair Deanery.317

Oak Armchair Deanery.318

Orkhan Mosque 2010.30.415

Ox-Carts 2009.23.93