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George Vaux, III

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George Vaux, III

Objects donated by George Vaux, III

Basket 2004.17.31

Basket 2004.17.14

Basket 2004.17.20

Basket 95.1.30

Basket 2004.17.11

Basket 2004.17.10

Basket 2004.17.17

Basket 2004.17.8

Basket 2004.17.27

Basket 2004.17.26

Basket 2004.17.15

Basket 2004.17.18

Basket 2004.17.4

Basket 2004.17.2

Basket 2004.17.21

Basket 95.1.278

Basket 95.1.23

Basket 95.1.21

Basket 95.1.19

Basket 95.1.18

Basket 95.1.17

Basket 95.1.15

Basket 95.1.12

Basket 95.1.11

Basket 95.1.10

Basket 96.1.12

Basket 95.1.43

Basket 95.1.42

Basket 95.1.31

Basket 95.1.29

Basket 95.1.28

Basket 95.1.27

Basket 95.1.25

Basket 95.1.24

Basket 95.1.39

Basket 95.1.37

Basket 95.1.36

Basket Lid 95.1.35.a

Bottle 2005.17.54

Bottle 2005.17.55

Bottle 2005.17.59

Bottle Lid 2005.17.56

Bowl 2005.17.37.n

Bowl 2005.17.37.j

Bowl 2005.17.37.m

Bowl 2005.17.37.l

Bowl 2005.17.37.k

Bowl 2005.17.37.i

Bowl 2005.17.37.h

Bowl 2005.17.37.g

Bowl 2005.17.37.f

Bowl 2005.17.37.e

Bowl 2005.17.37.d

Bowl 2005.17.37.c

Bowl 2005.17.37.b

Bowl 2005.17.37.a

Bowl 2005.17.18

Bowl 2005.17.15.d

Bowl 2005.17.15.c

Bowl 2005.17.15.b

Bowl 2005.17.15.a

Bowl 2005.17.14.c

Bowl 2005.17.14.b

Bowl 2005.17.14.a

Bowl 2005.17.13

Bowl 2005.17.1.c

Bowl 2005.17.1.b

Bowl 2005.17.1.a

Button 2005.17.50

Carafe Lid 2005.17.57

Chamber Pot 2005.17.53

Chamber Pot 2005.17.52.a

Club 55.E1.3

Coal 2005.17.60.f

Coal 2005.17.60.e

Coal 2005.17.60.d

Coal 2005.17.60.c

Coal 2005.17.60.b

Coal 2005.17.60.a

Comb 2005.17.46

Conglomerate 2005.17.45

Cup 2005.17.38.d

Cup 2005.17.38.c

Cup 2005.17.38.b

Cup 2005.17.38.a

Cup 2005.17.35.c

Cup 2005.17.35.b

Cup 2005.17.35.a

Cup 2005.17.34

Cup 2005.17.25

Cup 2005.17.38.e

Cup 2005.17.19

Cup 2005.17.17

Cup 2003.10.5.b

Cup 2003.10.5.a

Cup 2003.10.1

Cup Handle 2005.17.35.d

Fish Figure 2005.17.58.b

Fish Figure 2005.17.58.a

Frame 2005.17.11

Frame 2005.17.4

Frame 2005.17.3

Hat 2004.17.19

Hat 96.1.8

Hat 95.1.262

Hook 2005.17.9

Iron 2005.17.2

Jar 2003.10.6.a

Jar 2003.10.4.o

Jar 2003.10.4.b

Jar 2003.10.4.a

Jar 2005.17.42.e

Jar 2005.17.41.v

Jar 2005.17.41.u

Jar 2005.17.41.t

Jar 2005.17.41.s

Jar 2005.17.41.r

Jar 2005.17.41.q

Jar 2005.17.41.p

Jar 2005.17.41.o

Jar 2005.17.41.n

Jar 2005.17.41.m

Jar 2005.17.41.l

Jar 2005.17.41.k

Jar 2005.17.41.j

Jar 2005.17.41.i

Jar 2005.17.41.h

Jar 2005.17.41.g

Jar 2005.17.41.f

Jar 2005.17.41.e

Jar 2005.17.41.d

Jar 2005.17.41.c

Jar 2005.17.41.b

Jar 2005.17.41.a

Jar 2005.17.40.b

Jar 2005.17.40.a

Jar 2005.17.33

Jar 2005.17.32

Jar 2005.17.42.d

Jar 2005.17.42.c

Jar 2005.17.42.b

Jar 2005.17.42.a

Jar 2005.17.41.z

Jar 2005.17.41.y

Jar 2005.17.41.x

Jar 2005.17.41.w

Jar 2005.17.39.c

Jar 2005.17.39.b

Jar 2005.17.39.a

Jar 2003.10.4.f

Jar 2003.10.4.e

Jar 2003.10.4.d

Jar 2003.10.4.c

Jar 2003.10.2.m

Jar 2003.10.2.l

Jar 2003.10.2.k

Jar 2003.10.2.j

Jar 2003.10.2.i

Jar 2003.10.2.h

Jar 2003.10.2.g

Jar 2003.10.2.f

Jar 2003.10.2.e

Jar 2003.10.2.d

Jar 2003.10.2.c

Jar 2003.10.2.b

Jar 2003.10.2.a

Jar 2003.10.4.n

Jar 2003.10.4.m

Jar 2003.10.4.l

Jar 2003.10.4.k

Jar 2003.10.4.j

Jar 2003.10.4.i

Jar 2003.10.4.h

Jar 2003.10.4.g

Jar 2005.17.42.f

Jar 2003.10.6.b

Jar 2003.10.6.c

Pipe 2005.17.51.d

Pipe 2005.17.51.c

Pipe 2005.17.51.b

Pipe 2005.17.51.a

Plate 2003.8.31

Plate 2003.8.30

Plate 2003.8.19

Plate 2003.8.18

Plate 2003.8.17

Plate 2003.8.16

Plate 2003.8.15

Plate 2003.8.14

Plate 2003.8.5

Plate 2003.8.4

Plate 2003.8.3

Plate 2003.8.2

Plate 2003.8.1

Plate 2003.8.13

Plate 2003.8.12

Plate 2003.8.11

Plate 2003.8.10

Plate 2003.8.9

Plate 2003.8.8

Plate 2003.8.7

Plate 2005.17.44.e

Plate 2005.17.44.d

Plate 2005.17.44.c

Plate 2005.17.44.b

Plate 2005.17.44.a

Plate 2005.17.43.c

Plate 2005.17.43.b

Plate 2005.17.43.a

Plate 2005.17.22.b

Plate 2005.17.22.a

Plate 2005.17.20.d

Plate 2003.8.29

Plate 2003.8.28

Plate 2003.8.27

Plate 2003.8.26

Plate 2003.8.25

Plate 2003.8.24

Plate 2003.8.23

Plate 2003.8.22

Plate 2003.8.21

Plate 2003.8.20

Plate 2003.8.6

Plate 2005.17.36.d

Plate 2005.17.36.c

Plate 2005.17.36.b

Plate 2005.17.36.a

Plate 2005.17.31

Plate 2005.17.30

Plate 2005.17.29.d

Plate 2005.17.29.c

Plate 2005.17.29.b

Plate 2005.17.29.a

Plate 2005.17.28

Plate 2005.17.27.c

Plate 2005.17.27.b

Plate 2005.17.27.a

Plate 2005.17.26

Plate 2005.17.24.b

Plate 2005.17.24.a

Plate 2005.17.22.e

Plate 2005.17.22.d

Plate 2005.17.22.c

Plate 2005.17.20.c

Plate 2005.17.20.b

Plate 2005.17.20.a

Plate 2005.17.16

Plate 2005.17.12.c

Plate 2003.10.7.b

Plate 2003.10.7.a

Plate 2003.8.34

Plate 2003.8.33

Plate 2003.8.32

Plate 2005.17.12.b

Plate 2005.17.12.a

Quirt 55.E1.5

Rasp 55.E1.8

Rattle 55.E1.2

Spoon 2005.17.12

Spoon Handle 2005.17.23

Toothbrush 2005.17.49

Toothbrush 2005.17.48

Toothbrush 2005.17.47

Washers 2005.17.10.b

Washers 2005.17.10.a

Wheel 2005.17.8

Wheel 2005.17.7

Wheel 2005.17.6

Wheel 2005.17.5

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