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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date Accession Number
Attic Black-Gloss Bowl Base     Clay  ca. 435 BCE  P.1516 
Attic Black-Gloss Lekythos (Oil Bottle)     Clay  ca. 470 BCE  P.2085 
Attic Black-Gloss Miniature Lekythos (Oil Bottle)     Clay  1st half of 5th century BCE  P.2140 
Attic Black-Figure Lekythos (Oil Bottle) with Reclining Figure     Clay  Late 5th century BCE (?)  P.2141 
Attic Black Ground & Six's Technique Miniature Lekythos (Oil Bottle) with Woman     Clay  450 BCE - 400 BCE  P.1515 
Attic Black Ground Chous (Jug)     Clay  400 BCE  P.2159 
Attic(?) Black-Gloss Stemless Kylix (Drinking Cup) with Impressed Palmettes     Clay  425 BCE - 375 BCE  P.2160 
Attic Black-Figure Kylix (Drinking Cup) Eye Cup with Dophins     Clay  About 520 BCE - 510 BCE  P.2695 
Attic (?) Black-Gloss Kantharos (Cup)     Clay  375 BCE - 350 BCE  P.2190 
Attic Black-Gloss Skyphos (Cup)     Clay  ca. 400 BCE - 375 BCE  P.3214 
Attic Black-Gloss Skyphos (Cup)     Clay  Second quarter of 5th century BCE  P.2948 
Attic Black-Gloss Pyxis     Clay  4th century BCE  P.3221.a-b 
Attic Geometric Mug     Clay  ca. 900 BCE - ca. 700 BCE  P.3218 
Attic Geometric High-Rimmed Bowl     Clay  750 BCE - 735 BCE  P.3217 
Attic Red-Figure Lekythos (Oil Bottle)     Clay  5th century BCE-3rd century BCE  P.3181 
Attic Black-Gloss Pyxis (Box)     Clay  Second quarter of 5th century BCE  P.2147 
Attic Red-Figure Proto Fish Plate with Woman's Head     Clay  425 BCE - 400 BCE  P.2250 
Attic Red-Figure Plate     Clay  425 BCE - 400 BCE  P.2249 
Attic Geometric Oinochoe (Wine Jug)     Clay  ca. 900 BCE - ca. 700 BCE  P.1762 
Attic Late Geometric Spouted Neck-Handled Amphora (Storage Vessel) with Birds     Clay  750 BCE - 730 BCE  P.2152 
Attic White-Ground Lekythos (Oil Bottle)     Clay  500 BCE-450 BCE  P.2149 
Attic Black-Figure Lekythos (Oil Bottle)     Clay  Early 5th century BCE  P.2150 
Attic White-Ground Lekythos (Oil Bottle) with Tomb Visitation Scene   Aischines Painter   Clay  ca. 460 BCE - 440 BCE  P.3222 
Attic Red-Figure Kylix (Drinking Cup) Fragment with Nike and Battle Scenes   Amphitrite Painter   Clay  475 BCE - 425 BCE  P.218 
Attic Black-Figure Amphora (Storage Vessel) Fragment with Figural Scene   Antimenes Painter   Clay  530 BCE - 510 BCE  P.177 
Showing 51 to 75 of 100 Records

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