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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date Accession Number
Bone (?) with Etched Ship, Birds, and Waves     Bone (?)    2006.4.33 
Seal Doll     Fur, leather, and beads    2006.4.20 
Female Doll   unknown Yupik   Textile, leather, and fur    2006.4.28 
Antler Piece     Antler bone    71.7.57 
Awl     Bone    71.7.319 
Mittens     Buffalo skin, glass beads, and wool and cotton thread    70.E1.64 
Cherokee (?) Tortoise Shell Rattle     Tortoise shell    70.E1.32 
Pen Quill in Shape of Miniature Totem Pole     Ivory    91.E1.40 
Animal Bones     Bone    64.18.4 
Harpoon Fragment (?)     Bone    64.15.11 
Umiak (Open Skin Boat) Model   Sanford, Howard   Wood and seal or caribou intestine    60.E1.4 
Quirt     Horsehair    55.E1.5 
Kapala (Skull Cup)     Silver, bone    2000.7.59 
Ulu Knife     Walrus Ivory and metal  1860  70.E1.75 
Male Doll   John, Ruth   Felt, skin, fur, fiber, and beads  1958  2013.17.12 
Walrus     Carved whale tooth  1970-1979  2006.4.13 
Dance Crest and Headdress   unknown Ejagham   Wood with hide, antelope horns, and cloth  19th century - 20th century  99.3.79 
Nkisi (Power Figure)   unknown Songye   Carved and incised gourd with leopard fur  19th century - 20th century  99.3.32 
Hair Ornament     Tortoiseshell  19th century - early 20th century  2004.3.10 
Hair Ornament     Tortoiseshell  19th century - early 20th century  2004.3.6.a-b 
Hair Ornament Set     Tortoiseshell  19th century - early 20th century  2004.3.2.a-c 
Ivory Canape Fork     Ivory  20th century  46.E1.7 
Feather Plume   unknown Peruvian   Feathers, cotton and vegetal fibers  600 - 1000  2000.3.239 
Mummified Crocodile     Linen and faunal remains  ca. 1550 BCE - 600 CE  24225 
Onga or Pipe     Crab claw  ca. 1928-1954  70.E7.9 
Showing 1 to 25 of 35 Records

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