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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date Accession Number
Classical Hemidrachm of Thebes     Silver  ca. 379 BCE - 371 BCE  C.1862 
Classical Obol of Tanagra     Silver  ca. 375 BCE  C.1861 
Classical Hemidrachm of Neapolis     Silver  438 BCE - 411 BCE  C.1852 
Classical Stater of Corinth     Silver  5th century BCE  C.1897 
Classical Drachm of Chios (?)     Silver  500 BCE - 475 BCE (?)  C.1889 
Classical Drachm of Miletus     Silver  525 BCE - 500 BCE  C.1887 
Hellenistic Hemidrachm of Sicyon     Silver  325 BCE - 300 BCE  C.1881 
Classical-Hellenistic Drachm of Corinth       350 BCE - 300 BCE  C.1877 
Classical Stater of Aegina     Silver  375 BCE - 350 BCE  C.1873 
Hellenistic Silver Coin     Silver  300 BCE - 262 BCE  C.1871 
Classical Silver Coin     Silver  ca. 449 BCE - 413 BCE  C.1870 
Classical Silver Coin     Silver  ca. 449 BCE - 413 BCE  C.1869 
Hellenistic Bronze Coin     Bronze  3rd century BCE  C.1868 
Tetradrachm of Athens     Silver  109 BCE - 108 BCE  C.1846 
Hellenistic Tetradrachm of Macedonia     Silver  ca. 336 BCE - 323 BCE  C.1845 
Punic Tetradrachm of Carthage     Silver  ca. 320 BCE  C.1844 
Tetradrachm of Athens     Silver  ca. 500 BCE  C.1843 
Modern 10 Lepta Piece     Aluminium  1912  C.1787 
Byzantine Bronze Coin of Arelate Issued by Constantine the Great     Bronze  324 - 330  C.1771 
Hellenistic Tetradrachm of Carrhae Issued by Seleucus I     Silver  336 BCE - 323 BCE  C.1698 
Classical Stater of Thebes     Silver  ca. 379 BCE - 338 BCE  C.1827 
Classical or Hellenistic Hekte (1/6 Stater) of Phokaia     Electrum  ca. 5th century BCE - 4th century BCE  C.1814 
Imperial Denarius of Gaul Issued by Augustus     Silver  ca. 19 BCE - 18 BCE  C.1803 
Classical-Hellenistic Stater of Corinth       350 BCE - 300 BCE  C.1904 
Classical Hemiobol of Athens     Silver  After 490 BCE  C.1250 
Showing 1 to 25 of 72 Records

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