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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date Accession Number
Segawa Kikunojo as Sandaiyu's Daughter Oshima   Utagawa Toyokuni   Color woodblock  1821  S.92.FA 
Nakamura Shikan and Seki Sanjuro as Sasaki Saemon from the play "Higashiyama-dono Kabuki no Danmaku," performed at the Nakamura Theater in the third month, 1818   Utagawa Toyokuni   Color woodblock  ca. 1818  S.91.a-b.FA 
The Summit of Mount Fuji in Great Japan (Dai Nihon Fujisan zetchô no zu)   Sadahide   Color woodblock  1857  S.87.a-c.FA 
Woman on Veranda Watching a Bird   Utagawa Kuniyasu   Color woodblock  Early 19th century  S.85.FA 
Appearance of Genji by a Fraudulent Murasaki: A Visual Parody of the Eight Views, Clearing Mist (Nise Murasaki Genji sugata: Mitate hakkei no uchi, Seiran)   Utagawa Kunisada II   Color woodblock  Mid 19th century - late 19th century  S.84.FA.a-c 
Furyû Genji: Akashi (Hiroshige landscape, Kunisada [main] figures), Late Edo period, 1835   Ando Hiroshige   Color woodblock  1853  S.83.a 
View of the Temple of Five Hundred Arhats (Gohyaku rakan no kei), from the series Famous Places in Edo, a New Selection (Shinsen Edo meisho)   Yoshitora Utagawa   Color woodblock  1855  S.81.FA 
A Moon-viewing Party with the Suma Koto in the Bedroom (Tsuki no en neya no sumagoto)   Yoshiiku, Ochiai   Color woodblock  January 1861  S.80.FA.a-c 
A courtesan on parade wearing a kimono decorated with chrysanthemums   Kikukawa Eizan   Color woodblock  ca.1818-1823  S.8.FA 
Three women and a boy   Kitagawa Utamaro   Color woodblock  1802  S.78.FA 
Koganei Musashino Bridge   Tsukimaro   Color woodblock  1807  S.77.FA 
Ichikawa Monnosuke as Akoya   Utagawa Toyokuni   Color woodblock  ca.1820  S.75.FA 
Turtle [possibly from the series Mirror of Stone Rubbings (Ishizuri kagami)]   Taito Katsushika   Color woodblock  ca. 1830-1844  S.74.FA 
Bats and Moon, Dragon in Clouds, Calligraphy (harimaze)   Taito Katsushika   Color woodblock  1830-1844  S.73.FA 
Hot Spring in Hakone   Utagawa Kuniyasu   Color woodblock  ca. 1820s  S.72.a-c.FA 
Courtesan Sugatano, at Sugata-Ebiya, Kyomachi   Utagawa Kuniyoshi   Color woodblock  ca. 1830 - 1835  S.71.FA 
Noin-hoshi (no. 69) (The Monk Noin) / Hyakunin isshu no uchi (One Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets)   Utagawa Kuniyoshi   Color woodblock  1840-1842  S.70.FA 
Mother Carrying Her Baby Son on Her Back by a Cistern   Kikukawa Eizan   Color woodblock  ca. 1810  S.7.FA 
Prince Genji Listening to Insects   Utagawa Kunisada   Color woodblock  1864  S.69.a 
No. 54, Yume no ukihashi, from the series Lady Murasaki's Genji Cards (Murasaki Shikibu Genji karuta)   Utagawa Kunisada   Color woodblock  1857  S.68.FA 
No. 36, Kashiwagi, from the series Lady Murasaki's Genji Cards (Murasaki Shikibu Genji karuta)   Utagawa Kunisada II   Color woodblock  1857  S.67.FA 
Twilight Snow at Hira (Hira bosetsu), from the series Eight Views of Ômi (Ômi hakkei no uchi)   Utagawa Kunisada II   Color woodblock  1847-1852  S.66.FA.a-c 
Satomi Hakkenden Sokanbi Yakkohime Ten'en o eru zu   Utagawa Kunisada   Color woodblock  December 1855  S.63.a 
Modern Genji and Two Leaves of Heartvine (Futaba Aoi imayô Genji)   Utagawa Kunisada   Color woodblock  1855  S.62.a-b.FA 
Yozakura (Cherry Blossoms at Night)   Utagawa Kunisada   Color woodblock  1848  S.60.a.FA 
Showing 1 to 25 of 253 Records

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