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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date Accession Number
Lekythos (Oil Bottle) Fragment     Clay    2009.4.27 
Bowl     Stoneware  20th century  TN.133 
Bowl Base Fragment     Clay  2000 BCE - 1200 BCE  2009.14.1001 
Bowl     Celadon ware with molded decoration  11th century -12th century  K.1 
Basket Dish     Basketry with lacquer  Early 20th century  88.47.DUP 
Bowl with Lid     Bronze  Probably 19th century  67.47.a-b 
Shallow Bowl with Foliate Rim     Porcelain Dingyao ware  960 - 1279  TN.118 
Bowl     Celadon ware with underglaze molded decoration  11th century  TN.51 
Bowl     Celadon ware with underglaze carved decoration  11th century -12th century  TN.50 
Parthenon East Frieze     Photograph  19th century - 20th century  2010.27.4 
Bowl Base Fragment     Clay  2000 BCE - 1200 BCE  2009.14.1003 
Stone Fragment     Stone  ca. 2600 BCE - ca. 2300 BCE  S.72 
Attic White-Ground Lekythos (Oil Bottle)   Beldam Painter   Clay  470 BCE - 450 BCE  P.80 
Late-Corinthian Miniature Phiale (Libation Bowl)     Clay  ca. 550 BCE - 400 BCE  P.61 
Corinthian Conventionalizing Miniature Hydria (Water Jar)     Clay  5th century BCE  P.41 
Askos (Jug)   Artist, Unknown   Bronze    W.497 
Thaumatrope- 17 Artisan seated at his wheel (Recto) and Arm holding an urn (Ver   Artist, Unknown   Watercolor and printing ink on paper  Mid 19th century  2007.18.9.12 
Woman Bathing   Cassatt, Mary   Drypoint and soft-ground etching  1890-1891  1949.13 
Beggar Woman with Bowl (La Mendiant a la Sebille)   Callot, Jacques   Etching on wove paper  1622  X.884 
Beggar with Couvet (a pot for storing embers) (Le Mediant au Couvt)   Callot, Jacques   Etching on wove paper  1622  X.870 
Hellenistic Bronze Coin of Colophon     Bronze  2nd Century BCE - 1st Century BCE  2008.6.62 
Imperial Billon of Alexandria Issued by Maximianus     Silver  286-295  C.1391 
Imperial As of Rome Issued by Tiberius     Bronze  14-37  C.1317 
Hellenistic Bronze Coin of Cyme     Bronze  ca. 320 BCE-250 BCE  C.1272 
Imperial Sestertius of Rome Issued by Trebonianus Gallus     Bronze  251-253  C.1227 
Showing 1 to 25 of 2064 Records

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