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Contains objects for which: Region-Culture Area contains Southwest AND Object Description contains United States or Mexico


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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date Accession Number
Alma (?) Incised Ware Sherds     Clay    64.25.6 
Basket     Coiled willow basketry    95.1.278 
Basket     Woven basketry  20th century  91.E1.24 
Basket     Coiled redbud or willow (?) basketry  20th century  91.E1.23 
Navajo Wedding Basket   Navajo Tribe   Woven basketry  20th century  91.E1.22 
Basket   unknown Pomo   Coiled basketry    95.1.28 
Basket, Plaque or Bowl shaped     Woven basketry    72.1.18 
Bird     Clay    72.1.39 
Black-on-Buff Sherds     Clay    64.25.4 
Black-on-White Rim Sherds     Clay    64.26.1 
Black-on-White Sherds     Clay    64.26.2 
Black-on-White Sherds     Clay    64.25.2 
Black-on-White Ware Sherds     Clay    64.30.1 
Bluff Black-on-Red Sherds     Clay  775 - 980  64.32.4 
Bone Implement     Bone    70.41.1 
Bowl     Clay    95.1.62 
Bowl   unknown Hopi   Clay    91.E1.34 
Bowl   unknown Hopi   Clay  20th century  91.E1.12 
Bowl   unknown Hopi   Clay  20th century  91.E1.11 
Bowl     Clay  20th century  91.E1.10 
Bowl     Clay  20th century  91.E1.9 
Bowl     Clay  20th century  91.E1.8 
Bowl   unknown Zuni   Clay  20th century  91.E1.7 
Bracelet Fragment     Shell    64.20.94 
Buff and Red Corrugated Ware Sherds     Clay    64.30.3 
Chalcedony Point     Stone    64.25.8 
Club     Leather with horsehair, glass, and wood (?)    55.E1.3 
Corrugated or Puerco Ware Rim and Body Sherds     Clay    64.21.8 
Cortez Black-on-White Sherds     Clay  900 - 1050  64.32.2 
Bowdrill   unknown Pueblo   Wood and stone    95.1.50 
Drum     Wood and leather with pigment    91.E1.26 
Drumstick     Wood, horse skin and hair, stone, sinew, and pipe cleaner    91.E1.31 
Pueblo Bow Drill   unknown Pueblo   Wood, stone, leather, and sinew    91.E1.29 
Flakes     Chert    64.28.12.b 
Canteen Jar     Clay  20th century  72.E1.2 
Fossils (?)     Fossils, Stone    64.21.47 
Grey Corrugated Ware Sherds     Clay    64.30.4 
Grit Tempered Corrugated Ware Sherds     Clay    64.25.7 
Jar     Clay  20th century  91.E1.19 
Jar   unknown Zuni   Clay    91.E1.3 
Jar with Handle or Pitcher     Clay    91.E1.35 
Kachina Doll     Wood and feathers    91.E1.28 
Zuni Koko Doll   unknown Zuni   Wood, textile, and leather    91.E1.27 
Knife with Leather Scabbard     Wood, metal, and leather    91.E1.33 
Mancos Black-on-White Sherds     Clay  900 - 1050  64.32.1 
Mano Fragment     Stone    95.1.95 
McElmo Black-on-White Sherds     Clay  1100 - 1200  64.32.3 
Mesa Verde Black-on-White Sherds     Clay  1200 - 1300  64.32.6 
Mesa Verde Chapin Gray Ware Sherds     Clay  575 - 900  64.32.8 
Mesa Verde Corrugated Gray Ware Sherds     Clay  1100 - 1300  64.32.5 
Showing 1 to 50 of 128 Records

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