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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date Accession Number
Landscape with a Hay Barn and a Flock of Sheep   Baillie, William   Etching   late 18th century  X.804 
Landscape with Windmill   Della Bella, Stefano   Etching  Mid 17th century  1946.3 
The Christian Virtues: Prudence   Andreani, Andrea   Two-color chiaroscuro woodcut  Late 15th century - early 16th century  1946.2 
Shield and River God   Cantarini, Simone   Engraving  Early 17th century - first half of 17th century  1946.5 
Female Figure with Nike   Palma, Antonio   Engraving  16th century  1946.9 
Naval Battle   Della Bella, Stefano   Engraving  Mid 17th century  1946.6 
Man and Woman in a Townscape   Wyck, Thomas   Etching  17th century  1946.18 
Urania   Goltzius, Hendrick   Engraving  Late 16th century - early 17th century  1946.12 
La Grande Chasse [The Large Hunt]   Callot, Jacques   Etching  1619  1946.16 
Holy Family   Mellan, Claude   Engraving  17th century  1946.14 
Brigands Attacking Travellers   Callot, Jacques   Etching  Early 17th century  1946.19 
The Blind Beggar Tricked by Lazarillo   Wyck, Thomas   Engraving  17th century  1946.18.DUP 
The Bath House   Dürer, Albrecht   Woodblock print on laid paper  late 16th century  1946.26 
German Costume Plate   Burgkmair, Hans   Woodblock print  16th century  1946.24 
Diana Ordering Nymphs to Clip the wings and confiscate the bows and arrows of sl   Audran, Benoit I   Engraving  17th century  1976.34 
Adam and Eve in Paradise   Amman, Jost   Woodblock print  1580  1946.27 
No hay quien nos desate? (Can't anyone untie us?)   Goya, Francisco de   Etching and burnished aquatint  1799  1950.44 
Cobolentz and Hermanstein   Hollar, Wenceslaus   Engraving  17th century  1946.29 
Page 33 for the Prayerbook of Maximilian   Strixner, Johann Nepomuk   Lithograph  1515  1946.23.a 
Le Courier de Flandre   Le Bas, Jacques Philippe   Engraving  Mid 18th century - late 18th century  1976.36 
Alope   Earlom, Richard   Stipple engraving (?)  1787  1976.37 
The Martyrdom of Saint Cathrine   Dürer, Albrecht   Woodblock print on laid paper  ca. 1498  1981.2 
Passage Through the Hellespont by Xerxes   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.31.a 
The Triumph of Julius Caeser: The Procession of the Senators   Mantegna, Andrea   Engraving  Mid 15th century - late 15th century  1982.3 
Abiti dei Napoletani, Siciliani, Calabresi & c. from Fashion Series   Verico, Antonio   Color engraving  Late 18th century - early 19th century  1983.3.j 
Young Man Taking Off His Hat to a Young Woman   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.32.f 
Masquerade   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.32.c 
Megabyzus Killing the Lion   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.31.c 
Two Young Couples Outside   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.32.a 
Alcibiades Cutting off the Tail of a Dog   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.31.b 
Three People Standing in a Formal Room, One Holding a Piece of Paper Raised   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.32.e 
A Group of People, One Man Being Held by Another, and One Man Holding a Torch   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.32.d 
A Woman Looking in a Mirror, Two Men in the Background   Fokke, Simon   Gray-black ink wash over pencil, metalpoint  1727 - 1784  1984.32.j 
People Caring for an Ill Person in Bed   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.32.b 
Harbor with Ships, Fisherman, and Town   Finden, Edward Francis   Engraving  18th century - 19th century  1978.6 
Abiti dei Napoletani, Siciliani, Calabresi & c. from Fashion Series   Verico, Antonio   Color engraving  Late 18th century - early 19th century  1983.3.k 
A Woman Kneeling in a Group of People   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.32.h 
A Group of People Inside a Formal Ballroom   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.32.g 
Man Kneeling, Comforting a Woman   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.32.i 
The Death of the Virgin   Rembrandt van Rijn   Etching on laid paper  1639  1984.81 
Coat of Arms with Skull   Dürer, Albrecht   Engraving on laid paper  1503-1528  1998.1.1 
Caring for the Unwell   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.32.o 
A Man and a Woman Inside a Parlor   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.32.n 
A Woman Fleeing a House   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.32.m 
Two Women and Two Men in an Outdoor Garden   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.32.p 
Veduta Degli Auanzi Del Foro Di Nerua   Piranesi, Giovanni Battista   Engraving    1999.10.5 
Entrance of William III of Orange into London   Hooghe, Romeyn de   Engraving  1689  1985.70 
Interior of a Bedroom With a Man Storming in From the Right   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.32.l 
A Woman Pleading With a Man, Kneeling in Front of Him and Holding his Legs   Fokke, Simon     1712 - 1784  1984.32.k 
Veduta in prospettiva della gran Fontana dell' Acqu Vergine detta di Trevi Archi   Piranesi, Giovanni Battista   Etching on thick wove paper textured to imitate laid paper   1773  1999.10.3 
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