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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date Accession Number
Intérieur d'Écurie a Samois   Veyrassat, Jules Jacques   Etching  1876  JNE.169 
Eros Figures with Grapes   Artist, Unknown   Charcoal or photomechanical print (?)    JNE.59 
Mary Ascending   Condit, Peter   Pen and ink with wash on paper    JNE.3 
Santa Cecilia Refusing to Obey the Prefect of Rome   Rosa, Francesco   Etching  17th century  X.409 
Procris and Cephalus   Short, Frank   Mezzotint  Mid 19th century - mid 20th century  X.399 
Calendar Print: Pisces   Sadeler, Justus   Engraving  Late 16th century - early 17th century  X.350 
Calendar Print: Capricorn   Sadeler, Justus   Engraving  Late 16th century - early 17th century  X.349 
St. Matthew   Leyden, Lucas van   Engraving  16th century  X.340 
Flaying of Anteus   Ribera, Jusepe de   Etching  17th century  X.339 
Apollo and the Seasons   Lorrain, Claude   Etching  17th century  X.337 
Allegorical scene denouncing duels   Delaune, Etienne   Engraving  1580  X.328 
Sleeping Cupid   Sirani, Elisabetta   Engraving  17th century  X.327 
Pygmalion and Galatea   Goltzius, Hendrick   Engraving  1593  X.325 
Holy Family with St. Catharine   Strada, Vespasiano   Engraving  Late 16th century - early 17th century  X.322 
Circumcision   Goltzius, Hendrick   Engraving  1594  X.316 
Visitation   Goltzius, Hendrick   Engraving  1593  X.315 
Christ Blessing   Goltzius, Hendrick   Engraving  1597  X.314 
Buddhist Figure in Portable Shrine     Painted wood with gilding, lacquer, and brass  19th century  TN.43 
Annunciation: Historiated initial M   Artist, Unknown   Paint on vellum  ca. 1000 - ca. 1500  1965.2 
Three Marys at the Tomb   Artist, Unknown   Paint on vellum  13th century  1965.1 
Young Christ Disputing with the Doctors   Aronson, David   Encaustic on masonite  1945  1948.1 
Cornice with Mermaid and Shell   Artist, Unknown   Bronze    W.568 
Box with Scenes from the Life of a Saint   Artist, Unknown   Plaster cast of original ivory carving  11th century  268.1867 
Ophelia   Vonnoh, Robert William   Oil on canvas  Late 19th century - early 20th century  X.136 
Saint Nicholas and Death of a Saint   Artist, Unknown   Paint and gesso on panel    X.416 
Crucifixion   Rosselli, Cosimo   Tempera and oil on panel  15th century  1980.15 
Madonna and Child   Bearden, Romare Howard   Oil (?) on canvas  1945  1948.3 
Saint James as a Pilgrim (Saint-Jacques de Compostela)   Artist, Unknown   Limestone  15th century - early 16th century  X.215 
Pieta, Figural Group   Artist, Unknown   Wood or limewood (?)  Probably ca. 1890  2003.20.2 
Bas-Relief with Saint Odilia, Angle, and King in Mouth of Hell   Artist, Unknown   Limewood with traces of red polychromy  ca. late 15th century - early 16th century  2003.20.1 
The Phoenix of Elba Resucitated by Treason   Cruikshank, George   Etching with hand coloring  May 1, 1815  2007.19.4 
La Fortune   Veber, Jean   Multicolored lithograph  Late 19th century - early 20th century (?)  2007.14.19 
Pictures of Saints, Apostles, Evangelists and Several Teachers of the Church   Bergmüller, Johann Georg   Etching  ca. 18th century  2007.14.20.a-x 
Virgin and Child in the Clouds   Rembrandt van Rijn   Etching  1641  2007.9.2 
Christ Between His Parents, Returning from the Temple   Rembrandt van Rijn   Etching  1654  2007.9.1 
St. Christopher Facing Left   Dürer, Albrecht   Engraving on laid paper  1521  2007.9.3 
Silk Tallis with The Torah, Gen. 8:15-9:29   Perski, Lili   Xerographic copy  1993  2006.1.246 
Figure of Angel   Marrella, Maria Pia   Charcoal on paper  1991  2006.1.133 
Ev. Joh. 8,7.   Pordenone   Engraving  1860  2005.3.137 
Sainte Magdelaine penitente   de Beauvais, Nicolas-Dauphin   Engraving    2005.3.136 
Sainte Marguerite   Hortemels, Frederic   Engraving  1688 - 1738  2005.3.132 
Saints with Cherubs and the Virgin   Sharp, William   Engraving on wove paper  Late 17th century - first quarter of 18th century  2005.3.131 
Abraham Casting out Hagar and Ishmael   Porporati   Engraving    2005.3.129 
Clytie   Bartolozzi, Francesco   Engraving  1772  2005.3.124 
Sibilla Persica   Bettelini, Pietro Antonio Leone   Engraving  Mid 18th century - early 19th century  2005.3.123 
Camera De S. Paolo No. 10   Raimondi, C.   Engraving    2005.3.122 
Ecce Homo   Lorichon, Constant Louis Antoine   Engraving  1823  2005.3.121 
Sibilla Cumaea   Volpato, Giovanni   Engraving    2005.3.118 
Maria mit dem gottlichen kinde, der heiligen Katharina und Barbara.   Steinmuller, Joseph   Engraving  1827  2005.3.114 
La Vierge Au Bas-Relief   Forster   Engraving  1835  2005.3.113 
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