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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date Accession Number
Tutukipfula (Container for Gunpowder)   unknown Kongo   Wood, Hemp  Mid 20th century  99.3.131.a-b 
Figure   unknown Luba   Carved wood  20th century  99.7.5 
Figurated Staff/Scepter   unknown Kongo   Carved wood  Early 20th century  99.5.90 
Figure   unknown Ngbaka   Carved, incised, and burnished wood with patina  Likely 20th century  99.3.133 
Twool (Tukula Pigment) Box   unknown Kuba (Congolese)   Carved wood with pigment  Mid 20th century  99.3.130.a-b 
Kalyeem (Prestige Hat) from Kuba Judge's Regalia   unknown Kuba (Congolese)   Woven, embroidered, and beaded cloth with raffia, cowrie shells, and glass beads  Mid 20th century  99.3.125.e 
Kasangu (Mugongo Society Face Mask)   unknown Salampasu   Wood with raffia and black patina  20th century  99.3.121 
Bamileke-Bangwa Gong   unknown Cameroonian   Iron, wood  20th century  99.3.112 
Bamileke Helmet Mask   unknown Bamileke   Carved wood with patina  20th century  99.3.111 
Dibul Kouan (Beaded Apron)   unknown Kirdi   Woven, sewn, and beaded cloth with fiber and cowrie shells  1960-1980  99.5.32 
Dibul Kouan (Beaded Apron)   unknown Kirdi   Woven, sewn, and beaded cloth with fiber, glass, and cowrie shells  ca. 1950  99.5.31 
Dibul Kouan (Beaded Apron)   unknown Kirdi   Woven, sewn, and beaded cloth with fiber, glass, and cowrie shells  Second quarter 20th century  99.5.30 
Face Mask   unknown Yombe   Carved and incised wood  Early 20th century  99.3.36 
Makunda (Initiation Mask)   unknown Yaka   Wood with raffia, paint, fabric, and rubber  Early 20th century - Mid 20th century  99.3.35 
Yet Royal Belt Pendant in Form of Miniature Mask   unknown Kuba (Congolese)   Woven, sewn, and beaded raffia (?) with glass beads  Likely late 20th century  99.3.19 
Ki (Smoking Pipe) Bowl   unknown Bamessing   Sculpted and incised terracotta with fabric remains  Early 20th century  99.3.6 
Miniature Mwisi Gwa So'o's (Chimpanzee-Human Mask)   unknown Hemba   Carved wood and copper  20th century  99.3.3 
Butti (Male Figure) with Bonga Cavity   unknown Teke   Carved, incised, and painted wood  ca. 1915 - ca. 1985  99.3.38 
Nkisi N'kondi (Power Figure)   unknown Congolese (Democratic Republic of Congo)   Wood, metal  Probably 20th century  2017.7.1 
Cut-Pile Embroidery Panel (unfinished)   unknown Shoowa   Raffia fiber, dye  ca. 1980's  2017.6.25 
Cut-Pile Embroidery Panel   unknown Kuba (Congolese)   Raffia fiber, dye  ca. 1980's  2017.6.26 
Bark Cloth   unknown Efe (Mbuti)   Bark cloth, pigment  ca. 1970's  2017.6.66 
Wooden Beaker   Artist, Unknown   Wood  1900-1999  HC2018-0759 HC2018-0743 HC2018-0744 HC2018-0759 
Wooden Cup   unknown Kuba (Congolese)   Carved wood  1900-1999  HC2018-0771 
Ncaka kot / ntchak(ntshak) (Overskirt)   unknown Shoowa   Raffia fiber, shell, dye  1930's  2018.6.22 
Cloth with Appliqué   unknown Shoowa   Raffia fiber, dye  1990 - 1999  2019.6.35.13 
Ncaka Kot (Woman's Overskirt) with Embroidery   unknown Bushoong   Raffia fiber, dye  ca. 1960  2019.6.35.14 
Showing 1 to 27 of 27 Records

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