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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date Accession Number
Roman Female Head from Palmyrene Funerary Relief     Limestone  180 - 240  S.88 
Fu-dog Figurine   Artist, Unknown   Bronze  Late 19th century  W.314 
Bust of Napoleon   Chaudet, Antoine-Denis   Bronze  1838 - 1859  W.510 
Figurine   Artist, Unknown   Bronze    Deanery.155 
Young Satyr Playing the Flute   Artist, Unknown   Bronze  1838 - 1859  Deanery.44 
Parrot Figurine   Barye, Antoine-Louis   Bronze    W.477 
Wolf Caught in a Trap   Barye, Antoine-Louis   Bronze  ca. 1870  Deanery.31 
Sheep from the Caucasus   Lansere, Yevgeny   Bronze  1875  Deanery.33 
Mirror Case Top with Crowned Cupid and Pairs of Lovers     Plaster cast of original ivory carving  14th century  1858.210 
Connectedness   Kralik, Milan J.   Stainless steel  1990  2011.4.21 
Reproduction Bronze Statuette of Isis with Sistrum     Molded bronze    R.18 
Reproduction Egyptian Bronze Figurine     Molded bronze    R.16 
Reproduction Figurine of Kouros     Molded plaster    R.12 
Reproduction Figurine of a Woman Wearing Peplos     Molded plaster    R.11 
Reproduction Figurine     Molded plaster    R.10 
Reproduction Figurine of Crocodile     Handmade (?) terracotta  ca. 1900 (?)  R.5 
Reproduction Tanagra Figurine     Molded plaster    R.1 
Syrian Bronze Male Figure     Bronze  2000 BCE - 1700 BCE  M.140 
Ivory Female Figurine     Sperm Whale Tooth  Possibly 6th century-8th century  I.24 
Head   Artist, Unknown   Marble    S.189 
Sicilian Terracotta Figurine of a Seated Woman   Artist, Unknown   Clay  5th century BCE  T.157 
Terracotta Figurine of Halaf or Gawra Type     Clay  5000 BCE - 3000 BCE  T.214 
Old Kingdom/First Intermediate Period Egyptian Relief Fragment     Stone  2686 BCE - 2055 BCE  S.32 
Ivory Bird Cage with Birds     Ivory and wood    2005.6.15.a-d 
Crabs     Ceramic  ca. 1950  2005.6.4.a-d 
Sculpture of Buddha Hand, Lemon and Flowering Plant   Artist, Unknown   Soapstone  Late 19th century - early 20th century  2007.3.13 
Lion   Artist, Unknown   Wood    2007.3.12.b 
Lion   Artist, Unknown   Wood    2007.3.12.a 
Figure of a Buddhist Monk     Stone  Before 845  56.697 
Dog-Shaped Netsuke     Carved wood  Late 19th century - early 20th century  TN.165.a 
Tomb Figure of a Foreign Stable Boy     Earthenware with painted decoration  7th century  TN.75 
Buddha Seated on a Lotus     Terracotta  57 BCE - 668 CE  23.48 
Kuangyin Figurine     Clay    2007.3.20 
Bodhisattva     Gilded Bronze  Possibly 6th century (?)  TN.71 
Seated Buddha     Bronze with gilding  618 - 907  TN.39 
Figure     Bronze and wood with gilding    TN.38 
Seated Buddha     Bronze  15th century - 17th century  TN.36 
Standing Headless Buddha     Bronze with gilding  Possibly 13th century - 14th century (?)  107.46 
Reclining Buddha     Bronze  18th century  TN.35 
Seated Kuanyin     Bronze with gilding  12th century  TN.34 
Seal with Buddha Figure     Bronze    TN.33 
Standing Male Figure (Minor Divinity?)     Wood with traces of paint  1185-1333 (?)  24.48 
Figurine     Terracotta  Early 20th century  2007.3.19 
Buddha   Artist, Unknown   Metal  Early 20th century  2007.3.16 
Seated Buddha     Bronze with gilding  Possibly 14th century  95.46 
Dragon Figure with Stand     Bronze with gilding and carved rosewood stand  1368 - 1644  TN.145.a-b 
Ivory Sculpture of Three Rabbits Taking Dumplings to the Rabbit in the Moon     Ivory and wood  ca. 1950  2005.6.23.a-d 
Drum and Chickens Sculpture     Wood, lacquer and metal    2005.6.60.a-d 
Ivory Persimmon and Mejiro Bird Sculpture in Shakudo on a Lacquer Tray     Metal, ivory and wood    2005.6.43.a-g 
Sculpture of a Mouse on a Daikon     Metal    2005.6.42.a-c 
Showing 1 to 50 of 250 Records

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