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This page highlights portfolios of objects that have been created by users. In some cases, the portfolio creator may have attached a note about why they chose to group a particular set of objects. In all cases, these are the galleries that they specifically chose to share with you.

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Spring 2022 Exhibition
130 record(s)
created by: Carrie Robbins
32 record(s)
created by: Carrie Robbins
Special Collections_COVID-19
60 record(s)
created by: Carrie Robbins
This portfolio of Tri-Co artworks and cultural artifacts is intended to support courses interested in a visual culture of disease as historical context for COVID-19. Each of the included objects was selected according to its subject matter or function in relation to themes of health, sickness, disease, and protection.
Jane Martin Collection of African Art & Cultural Objects
150 record(s)
created by: Carrie Robbins
Dr. Jane Martin (Class of 1953, MA 1958) is the generous donor of a significant collection of African Art and related papers from her professional work in Liberia. After graduating from Bryn Mawr with two degrees, Martin went on to earn her PhD in African History from Boston University in 1968. Her research focused on the Glebo of Eastern Liberia, and many of her interests there are reflected in the archives she donated to the College, including material on specific individuals in the Kru tribe, African women and their roles in education and society, and governmental and non-profit organizations in Africa.

Martin lived and worked in West Africa for several years, teaching African History at the University of Calabar in Nigeria and the University of Liberia in the 1970s. Her papers demonstrate her careful thinking about how to teach history and what to teach, as well as research interviews she conducted during this time. From 1984 to 1989, she was Executive Director of the United States Educational and Cultural Foundation in Liberia, administering the Fulbright Program and other cultural exchange programs. She was a strong advocate for binationalism between the US and Liberia for all of her life, continuing this work at the African-American Institute in New York, when civil war forced Martin to leave Liberia in 1989.

Throughout her travels in Africa, Martin collected a wide variety of art and cultural objects, some 150 of which she donated to the Art & Artifacts Collection at Bryn Mawr. These include masks danced by women of Liberia’s Sande society, Ashanti gold weights, baby carriers, toys made by the artist Saarenald T. S. Yaawaisan from recycled flip-flop sandals, and a Baule Chief’s chair. She documented her collecting with various field notes, photographs, and correspondences, all of which serve to enrich the gift of objects immeasurably.

Works from Martin’s Collection have been featured in exhibitions organized by students since their arrival at the College in 2016, including On Selecting: Profiles of Alumnae Donors to the African Art & Artifacts Collection (Spring 2017) and Mirrors & Masks: Reflections and Constructions of the Self (Spring 2017). These materials are regularly used in courses across a variety of fields at the College.
ARCHB301:Greek Vase Painting: Adaptive Reuse
8 record(s)
created by: Marianne Weldon
ARCH_Plague's Mass Grave Comparanda
7 record(s)
created by: Carrie Robbins
Burial Offerings during Plague //

More than 2000 years ago a Typhoid plague gripped the Greek city of Athens in the midst of the 30-year Peloponnesian War. Nearly a third of Athens' population succumbed to the disease. A mass grave was discovered beneath the Kerameikos cemetery in 1994, containing at least 150 bodies buried contrary to tradition in haphazard piles with few burial offerings. The few vases found there date roughly to 430 B.C., coinciding with Thucydides' report of a plague in the city. Similar vases can be found in Bryn Mawr's collection and can be used to illustrate this history.

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