<!--#4DHTML ... : missing --><!--#4DHTML ... : missing --> US-CtW-XXX/lido-8261 http://www.cidoc-crm.org/crm-concepts/#E22 Man-Made Object Attic Image 54321 Institution name http://YourURL.org P.2155 Institution Name 111.111, -22.2222 12345 Institution City 111.111, -22.2222 dimensions: 4 5/16 x 16 1/2 x 13 1/4 in. (10.954 x 41.91 x 33.655 cm). creation 500011211 Oltos Ancient Greek active ca. 525 BCE - 500 BCE ca. 525 BCE 500 BCE Male Primary Painter 500023993 Hischylos or his circle Ancient Greek active ca. 530 BCE - ca. 530 BCE ca. 530 BCE ca. 530 BCE Secondary Attributed to ca. 525 BCE - 500 BCE 0 0 Clay acquisition Gift of Charles K. Williams, II Archaic armor Attic bilingual cups eye cups kylikes kylikes type A tondi warriors Warriors <span>ARV2 1623.23bis, 1621.81 bis <br/>Add to bibliography<br/>Cohen, Beth. 1978. Attic Bilingual Vases and Their Painters, no B66 page 362<br/>Harnecker, Joachim. 1992. Oltos. Untersuchungen zu Themenwahl und Stil eines früh-rotfigurigen Schalenmalers. no 18 page 220, 27-28<br/>Beazley Archive online, #275026<br/><br/>A request to publish an image of this vase was received from Jenifer Neils,Chair of the Managing Committee of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens,Ruth Coulter Heede Professor of Art History &amp; Classics Case Western Reserve University<br/>10900 Euclid Avenue,Cleveland, OH 44106-7110,216-368-4039,jxn4@case.edu for an article in:a Festschrift for Michalis Tiverios of the University of Thessaloniki, edited by Panos Valavanis. M. Weldon 1/2013<br/><br/></span> 8261 31 Institution Name http://yoururl.org Institution Name https://triarte.brynmawr.edu https://triarte.brynmawr.edu/Obj153376 <!--4DIF ([Objects_1]Copyright_text="DAC Open Access Image (