<!--#4DHTML ... : missing --><!--#4DHTML ... : missing --> US-CtW-XXX/lido-Temp.2764.3 http://www.cidoc-crm.org/crm-concepts/#E22 Man-Made Object American Image <SPAN>Titled and Dated location; "this book is dedicated To the Cartwheel 7-8-99-78" on the left side, going up. <BR/>dated location; "<SPAN STYLE="font-family:''Segoe UI''">©</SPAN>78" on the lower right side of the sheet;<BR/>Type of mark medium location; beige mark at upper left; <BR/>Type of mark medium location; adhesive along top two corners;<BR/>Tatiana P. 7/13/2018</SPAN> 54321 Institution name http://YourURL.org 2018.8.43 Institution Name 111.111, -22.2222 12345 Institution City 111.111, -22.2222 Sheet dimensions: 17 x 13.625 in. (43.18 x 34.608 cm). creation Masur, Judith American Female Primary 1978 0 0 Pen and ink acquisition Gift of Judith Masur, Class of 1968 Temp.2764.3 Institution Name http://yoururl.org Institution Name https://triarte.brynmawr.edu https://triarte.brynmawr.edu/Obj199354 <!--4DIF ([Objects_1]Copyright_text="DAC Open Access Image (