<!--#4DHTML ... : missing --><!--#4DHTML ... : missing --> US-CtW-XXX/lido-13525 http://www.cidoc-crm.org/crm-concepts/#E22 Man-Made Object Attic Image 54321 Institution name http://YourURL.org P.3132 Institution Name 111.111, -22.2222 12345 Institution City 111.111, -22.2222 dimensions: 1 5/8 x 15/16 x 3/16 in. (4.2 x 2.4 x 0.5 cm). creation 570 BCE-550 BCE 0 0 Clay acquisition Gift of Louise Dickey Davison, Class of 1937, MA 1938 Attic Black-figure cups sherds skyphoi vase paintings For shape, either Corinthian cup or Siana cup, see Payne, Nekrokorinthia, pl. 33, 7-11, or Boardman ABFV fig. 37. For an example of similar interior decoration, see Bridjer, "Komast Cups and Siana Cups," pl. 100a. The cap worn by the figure is the same as that worn in scenes of symposia on Siana cups (see Bridjer pl. 39b, Malibu Painter). Of the Siana cup painters, this example comes closes to the sytle of the Adelph Painter (Bridjer, description pp. 191-195, illustrations pl. 54 a,c.). 13525 Institution Name http://yoururl.org Institution Name https://triarte.brynmawr.edu https://triarte.brynmawr.edu/Obj158522 <!--4DIF ([Objects_1]Copyright_text="DAC Open Access Image (